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HotDive is an international scubadiving portal, created by a group of diving-enthusiasts. As a signed user you have the opportunity to develop the content by adding diving locations on the map, photos to the underwater gallery, events to the calendar and share your knowledge about the underwater world, animals, ecology, events, reports, equipment reviews by writing an article. Our motto is "reach out, where the eye does not reach".


Sylwin Ciałkowski (sylwin) - owner

  • Idea
  • Implementation
  • Administration

Magda Zdrenka (madam)

  • PR manager
  • Journalist

Joanna Kruk (joannakruk)

  • Spanish language version
  • Journalist

Inez Dopierała (underwaterinez)

  • Italian language version
  • Journalist

Scott Marbut (baracuda_smile)

  • HotDive representative in Asia
  • Dive sites explorer


Many thanks for a great help during HotDive creation for:

Artur Sobiczewski (arturro)
Jacek Winiarski (atolclub)
Darek Niedziałek (dzik)
Markus Hämmerle (caribbeandivers)


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