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Dive spot
Phil’s Fan Coral Collection
Helcogramma gymnauchen (Redfin Triplefin), RomblonOxycirrhites typus (Longnose Hawkfish), Romblon

Nearby city: Romblon
Dive spot category:
  • coral reef

Bottom type: sand
Recommended dive types:
  • scuba diving
  • technical diving

Access to dive spot from shore and from boat
Depth: 25m-40m (82ft-131ft)
Visibility: 10m-35m (33ft-115ft)
Best period for diving:
january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december
12°34.525'N (12°34'31"N)
122°14.625'E (122°14'37"E)
Added by: thethreep
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