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Dive spot
Queen Anne's Revenge AKA Blackbeards
Nearby city: Morehead City
Dive spot category:
  • wreck (ship)
Length: 31m (103ft)
Width: 75m (245ft)
Draught: 4m (13ft)
Launching date: 1710
Sink date: 1718
Wreck quality:

Bottom type: sand
Recommended dive types:
  • scuba diving
  • technical diving
  • wreck diving

Access to dive spot from boat
Depth: 8m-9m (25ft-30ft)
Visibility: to 3m (to 10ft)
Air 36°C (96°F)
Water 26°C (78°F)
Air 13°C (56°F)
Water 19°C (66°F)

Best period for diving:
may, june, july, august, september, october
34°41.125'N (34°41'07"N)
76°40.817'W (76°40'49"W)
Added by: baracuda_smile
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