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Red Sea, Dahab City 
 Blue Holecave1m-102m (3ft-335ft)
 Canyoncoral reef1m-30m (3ft-98ft)
 Cavesfauna and flora10m-30m (33ft-98ft)
 Islandscoral reef5m-20m (16ft-66ft)
 Lighthousefauna and florato 30m (to 98ft)
 Ras Abu Galum (North)coral reef1m-25m (3ft-82ft)
Red Sea, house reefs of Wadi Lahami Reef 
 Wadi Lahami house reefscoral reef5m-28m (16ft-92ft)
Red Sea, Hurghada City 
 Gota Abu Ramada Westcoral reef3m-15m (10ft-49ft)
Red Sea, Marsa Alam City 
 Abu Dabab - Dugongfauna and flora5m-20m (16ft-66ft)
 Abu Dabbab Beachcoral reef1m-40m (3ft-131ft)
 Dolphin Housecoral reefto 50m (to 164ft)
 Elphinstone Reefcoral reeffrom 3m (from 10ft)
Red Sea, Safaga City 
 Abu Kafanwall18m-40m (59ft-131ft)
 Gamul Kebircoral reef6m-18m (20ft-59ft)
 Gamul Sorayacoral reef8m-14m (26ft-46ft)
 Middle Reefcoral reef8m-30m (26ft-98ft)
 Panorama Reefwall20m-400m (66ft-1312ft)
 Ras Abu Somacoral reef4m-30m (13ft-98ft)
 Salem Expresswreck (ship)10m-30m (33ft-98ft)
 Sandy Islandcoral reef10m-14m (33ft-46ft)
 Shaab Claudecoral reef6m-20m (20ft-66ft)
 Shaab Hamdallacoral reefto 20m (to 66ft)
 Shaab Quaiscoral reef10m-40m (33ft-131ft)
 Shaab Shear Eastcoral reef10m-25m (33ft-82ft)
 Shaab Shear Westcoral reef15m-25m (49ft-82ft)
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Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse in RomblonMoray Eel, Scuba Diving, Tauchen in Romblon, Philippines

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