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Dominican Republic 
Added: 30.05.2013 20:58:58
turtledivecenter11th to 20th september 2013

In Las Terrenas - Dominican Republic
the first SSI Instructor courses.


Instructor KIT
Instructor Fees
Transportation from and to the airport
Hotel B&B (room for 2 people)

Only 3875 US$

Cross-Over available too for only 2 000 US$

More information:
Dominican Republic 
Added: 30.05.2013 20:55:45
turtledivecenterAway from the over crowded resorts, Las Terrenas and The Samana Peninsula is a
breath of fresh air and a perfect location for diving or snorkelling. The Turtle Dive
Center has taken advantage of this unique Dominican Republic location and offers
the very best scuba diving experience at pristine dive sites.
The variety of dives spoil the tourist and include 2 Tank Dives, Wreck Dives, Night
Dives, Cave Diving and a Refresh Course for those who have been out of the water
for a period of time.
Groups are kept to a maximum of 4 divers to ensure you receive the personal
attention you deserve and even those who have never dived before can get into the
action with the Try Dive Course that includes a theory session, swimming pool
session and a dive from the beach.
Courses for experienced divers who want to increase their knowledge and skill are
also available with courses such as Master Diver, Stress and Rescue, Dive Control
Specialist and many more.
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