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Keys shipwreck has Hollywood link
A Key West salvor believes an 1856 shipwreck of the merchant ship Isaac Allerton has ties to the Baldwin brothers of Hollywood fame, and his lawyer has sent a letter to movie star and "30 Rock" actor Alec Baldwin stating just that. "I was doing the research and I must have Googled and Googled over and over until I finally traced it back to the Baldwins," said Ray Maloney, who has salvage rights...
USS Emmons (3/3)
68th Memorial dive, of the sinking of the USS Emmons, will be 6 April 2013. The event will be sponsored by North of Nago charters. The USS Emmons Memorial dive was created by Chuck, who has been chartering boats to the area since 2002. His crew include Kurt and Joshua, who are both certified tech divers keep every one safe both above and bellow the water line. In 2009 the first Memorial Dive...
Black Beards Ship
BOOM! BlackBeard Boarding Ship A pirate ship's cannon fires a warning blast. The explosion rocks a nearby merchant ship. Musket balls fly. Grenades explode. A wounded helmsman staggers. He lets go of the ship's wheel, and the ship swings around crazily. Flames flicker everywhere. Pistols fire. Pirates, screaming threats, board the merchant ship, swinging axes and cutlasses (short, curved swords...
Race to the Bottom: Organizers hope underwater scooter racing is the next sky surfing
At 5-foot-7 and 130 pounds, Michael Vivona has never excelled in sports. But that changed last weekend when the 56-year-old engineering supervisor for an Orlando television station earned a championship in an emerging extreme sport: underwater scooter racing. Vivona piloted his $7,000 Dive-X Cuda 1150 to victory in a fleet of 15 in the Wes Skiles Memorial Shootout in Key Largo, the third event of...
Revealed: Amazing new artificial reef in Mexico made from sculptures of real people
These astonishing images show an extraordinary new artificial reef off the east coast of Mexico made entirely from human statues. The underwater installation has been created by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor who used real people to create the 'life casts' made from materials which encourage coral to grow. It is hoped the new sculptures will produce a coral reef system and attract a variety...
BP uder fire over fish kill
BP has come under fire yet again after these gruesome images emerged of hundreds of thousands of dead fish in a river in the US. Wildlife officials have launched a major operation to find the cause of the "fish kill" after oil was spotted in the grisly photos. The dead fish were found near the mouth of the Mississippi River an area heavily affected by the BP oil spill. Scientists had previously...
An Oil Rig's Second, Scuba-Diving Life
These hotel guests don't mind spartan rooms. They're here for the underwater sights A onetime oil-drilling rig stands in crystal-clear waters dotted with tiny islands and their lush green hills. But most impressive is what's underwater—an amazing array of coral reefs swarming with hundreds of species of multicolored tropical fish, sea turtles and other aquatic life. The rig has been converted to...
Divers attempt underwater cycling competition
A Siberian divers' club has marked the end of their diving season with an unusual competition: a cycling and skiing competition on the bottom of Russia's pristine Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the world's deepest fresh-water lake, sometimes reaching a depth of over 4,000 metres. But the diving competition took place closer to the shore where the water was just three metres deep.
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