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Regulations of the HotDive Scuba Diving Web Site (with further amendments as of 07.07.2007)


1. Users

1.1. Registration

Registration at HotDive portal is voluntary and free of charge. The following are required to register: name, surname and e-mail address. You may keep your personal data secret in the User profile settings.

1.2. Removal

In case of violating the rules included herein or breaking general Net Etiquette, the administrator is entitled to remove a User without earlier notice.

1.3. Resignation

Resignation statement needs to be filed via email:

2. Dive sites and dive areas

The User declares that dive sites and dive areas which he/she wants to add are known to him/her, and will be placed according to his/her best knowledge about particular dive site/area.

If information concerning the added object is not authentic, the administrator will remove the object from the database and will make the User responsible.

3. Dive centres

· One may add dive centres in the database free of charge until further notice.

· Only dive-related matters are permitted in the database.

· Only the registered Users are permitted to add new dive centres in the database. Anyone wishing to transfer their rights for the sake of editing the dive site already inputted in the database is requested to contact the Administrator. In case a non-existing or non-dive-related dive centre is added, the administrator is entitled to immediately remove such an object from the database at any time without notice for any reason whatsoever, and block the User who placed unlawful data.

· Unless it is a dive centre, the User is forbidden to add any other advertising at any other places of the HotDive portal, such as comments, posts on the forum, etc.

4. Gallery

The User who posts photos in the gallery declares that he/she is the author of these photos and holds unlimited copyrights. In case of violating the copyrights of third party, the administrator will make the User responsible.

5. Forum

5.1. It is forbidden to publish on the Forum commercial contents such as adverts, PR announcements.

5.2. Utterances published on the Forum by the Users:

5.2.1. Will not call for crime commitment, nor will they stay in contradiction with social code; they will neither call for racism, religious or ethnic hatred, nor propagate violence.

5.2.2. Will not stay in contradiction with Polish or International Laws, or be connected with pornography and stimulants, nor will they convey fascist or vulgar contents, propagate violence, be offensive to people’s religious feelings, violate other people’s rights, etc.

5.2.3. Will not convey obscene and abusive messages, or violate the code of Net Etiquette.

5.3. It is necessary to carefully and precisely name the things and formulate subjects on the Forum, with the spelling of target language observed.

5.4. The Users should not criticize and/or ridicule the others if in their opinion other people’s questions or/and answers are just simple. Behaviour of that kind is not only impolite, but it as well spoils the thread.

5.5. It is forbidden to copy the names or topics used on the Forum in particular language.

5.6. Posts need to be spelled with no mistakes, observing the spelling rules of target language.

5.7. Posts should be placed in the right topics of the Forum.

5.8. One should not duplicate or repeat his/her utterances in different places.

5.9. It is forbidden to open inessential discussions and place posts contributing in no way to the subject.

5.10. It is unacceptable to request reply via e-mail/communicator if particular issues has been posted in public on the Forum.

5.11. On the Forum it is absolutely banned to publish any correspondence received as private via e-mail, and to chat via communicator, unless permitted by interested parties.

5.12. It is the Administrator who finally decides about regulation issues.

5.13. HotDive Portal is not responsible for the contents of utterances published on the Forum.

5.14. Every User is solely accountable to the HotDive Portal and third parties for pronouncing on the subjects which violate the regulations.

5.15. HotDive Portal reserves the right to check utterances and remove statements from the Forum which do not meet the provisions hereof.


All the rules concerning the Forum are applicable to the Comments.

7. Adverts/Commercials

At present it is not possible to post paid commercials on the portal sites. Only thru posting a diving centre, may a diving-related business be promoted.

8. Privacy

8.1. HotDive Portal undertakes not to disclose any personal data of any User, if no prior consent has been defined in a profile defining form.

8.2. In case of suspicion of the crime commitment, the HotDive portal may render personal data and correspondence of the User available, on clear demand of law enforcement bodies.

9. General provisions

9.1. HotDive Portal reserves the right to disclose identity of the User or any records given by him/her while registration, on demand of entitled body, if criminal or civil law proceedings are initiated against the User, which are in any way related to the User’s activity on the portal sites.

9.2. HotDive Portal reserves the right to block the access to the portal for the Users who notoriously violate the provisions hereof.

9.3. HotDive Portal undertakes to spare no effort to make the web site work efficiently.

9.4. HotDive Portal may temporarily suspend its activity with no reason given whatsoever.

9.5. HotDive Portal reserves the right to modify these regulations. Any modifications become effective from the moment of their publication on the site.

9.6. In case of any contentious issues, not provided for herein, it is the Administrator of the Hot Dive Portal who decides.