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USS Emmons (2/3)
Author: (baracuda_smile), 07-04-2009
USS Emmons, Japan

Dove the USS Emmons yesterday which sunk 64 years ago this week by 5 Kamakazi attacks during in Battle of Okinawa. A wreath was laid mid ships to honor the 60 sailors that died on the USS Emmons. The USS Veterans association requested that a battle streamer, US Flag (Ensign), and the commissioning pennant be flown off the boat. Since the pennant was 68 years old great care was taken. Modern US Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines dove the USS Emmons to honor those of us who served before us that gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep not only our country free, but to help bring liberty to the entire world.


North of Nago Boat Charters, and Reef Encounters International teamed up to honor the fallen comrades of the USS Emmons.  The photo's are tribute for those who gave the ulitmate sacrifice for freedom.