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You are invited, stay cheap, dive a bunch meet wonderful people!
Author: Timothy Goulah (timinokinawa), 19-04-2009

I have been diving for 7 years now and I found a way to travel and keep it affordable while meeting great people. Last year I signed up for a free website called, It is a way to travel, host, and stay with people from other countries. I have focused on trying to host people with an interest in diving and snorkeling. I volunteer my couch, divers stay with me for free and we dive together. I have met people from as far away as Slovenia and Australia that I have gone diving with. My profile links to my profile page so you can check it out. The nice thing about the site is the wide array of people and locations that you can visit, and the wonderful people to meet from around the world. If you always wanted to visit somewhere but couldn't afford it past the plane ticket, give this a shot. Arrange a stay with a host, or if you want to show others the wonders around you, volunteer to host on the site. Okinawa has some world class diving so here is your chance, come to Okinawa, crash at my place (space & time permitting) and go diving with people well versed in the local areas. You are all invited so don't blame me if you miss the great diving in Okinawa. Tim