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Advanced diver!!
Author: (none), 24-07-2009
Costa Rica


I’m an advanced open water diver!! I finally did my four other specialty dives (next to my night dive which a did before) and a lot of knowledge reviews, so now I can call myself an advanced open water diver! The first dive was a wreck dive. We dived to the wreck at the local dive site Tortuga. It’s a pretty small fisher boat but it was really cool. The visibility was not that great, but there were fish all over the wreck, really cool. On our way back we was about six white tip reef sharks and some rays. The second dive was a drift dive. It was fun, but kind of strange as well.

The next day there were three more course dives. I only had to do two, but of course I did all of them! We started with a deep dive to 30m. It was not really special except the idea of being so deep. And the colors were all different, I did not expect it to change that much. The second dive was a navigation dive. I really liked that, swimming around with a compass and with natural navigation, was really fun! The third dive we did the buoyancy control. In the beginning is was really hard to do the exercises, but after a while I could control my breath in the way I could control my buoyancy.

I have two weeks left at Rich Coast Diving, so work work work and have some fun!