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Top Wreck Diving Destinations
Author:, 17-07-2010
United States

People that are into scuba diving and like an adventure, may want to check out wreck diving. Diving around old shipwrecks can be an interesting look back into history. Shipwrecks provide an artificial reef, it's surprising to discover the many different species of marine life that will take up residence aboard these sunken vessels.

Only experienced divers with many hours of diving time should attempt wreck diving. This activity is for the more advanced scuba This type of expedition requires more underwater diving skill and more advanced equipment since divers will have to dive deep to get to their sunken vessels.

Serious divers go to exotic places to retrieve artifacts from sunken ships and aircraft, one popular destination is Truk Lagoon, Truk. Fifty to sixty sunken Japanese ships and over four hundred planes from a deadly air assault on Japan's fortress of Truk Lagoon decades ago brings divers from all over the world.

Searching Sunken Vessels

Sunken vessels and aircraft make for a diving experience like no other. These old vessels of the sea become natural reefs for a variety of aquatic life, and are regard by divers in this area as the "Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon". Exploring the ghostly fleet can be very rewarding in the finding of wartime artifacts, including: ammunition, military trucks, and machine guns.

The Red Sea in Egypt offers some excellent wreck diving adventures, due to the merciless storms that plague this area, taking out any ships in the way. Many shipwrecks can be found along the reef chains and submerged islands.

Although not the grandest sight, the area where Andrea Doria sank when she was struck by the Swedish liner Stockholm in July of 1956, is considered divings "Mount Everest", this area ranks high in the main categories scored by divers.

Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands is one of the newer diving destinations. Opened to divers in June of 1996, Bikini Atoll is the site of postwar nuclear testing. This graveyard of adventure and sunken wartime relics includes: battleships, air craft carriers, and submarines.

The eastern United States coastline is another wreck diving adventure zone. The coast of North Carolina is one of the top wreck diving destinations in the United States with a variety of diving options, including underwater photography and a look back in history. The Outer Banks provide a large multitude of natural reefs to explore.

Experienced divers looking to take a crack at wreck diving, can find places from here in the United States and abroad. Be certain to study the make-up of any chosen areas